Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas announces first class of inductees, gives sport its third hall

Ranking the 10 Most Powerful Punchers in Boxing History

But the casual guy needs to know a lot of this and that’s what we intend to do.” On Friday, the Hall’s advisory board released its first, 25-man class of inductees. They are, in many ways, the 25 best retired fighters of all-time, though there is plenty of room for debate on that. Going in on the Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas’ first class are, in alphabetical order, Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Tony Canzoneri, Ezzard Charles, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Jack Dempsey, Roberto Duran, Joe Gans, Harry Greb, Eder Jofre, Jack Johnson, Stanley Ketchel, Sam Langford, Benny Leonard, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Archie Moore, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson, Barney Ross, Sandy Saddler, John L. Sullivan, Gene Tunney and Mickey Walker.

USA Boxing coach sees future Olympians during competition in Mobile (video)

Hes got the punching power and explosive potential of a middleweight Mike Tyson. He is just what the sport of boxing needs right now. Golovkin generates plenty of excitement among the boxing community. He likes to fight and the fans love him for it. On the undercards, underdog Brandon Gonzales of California (17-0-1, 10 KOs) impressed in his bout against South African Thomas Oosthuizen (21-0-2, 13 KO), which ended up in a draw.

Nicola Adams: London 2012 changed views on women’s boxing

I’ve also ultimately come down against most heavyweights from smaller eras, as well. There is no question Rocky Marciano hit like a truck, and he delivered some of the most dramatic stoppage of all time. But only 10 of his 49 opponents even topped 200 pounds. Jack Dempsey, too, qualified as a near finalist for my top ten.

Boxing results: Golovkin the real deal, gets quick knockout win

The fact that [women’s boxing] was on the telly, everyone could see it and the skill involved, and the determination of Nicola and the rest of the team Natasha Jonas Defending champion Adams, Lisa Whiteside, Natasha Jonas and Savannah Marshall will represent GB Boxing in the event. Many voiced disapproval at the prospect of women getting into an Olympic boxing ring when the decision to include the sport was made in 2009, but the heroic scenes of Adams winning gold has changed many opinions. Sport England figures show that before last summer’s Games, where women’s boxing was included for the first time, there were 19,600 females boxing once a week, compared with 35,100 now – an increase of 79%. Women’s boxing is one of only a handful of sports that have enjoyed participation increases after the Games, according to the latest results from Sport England’s Active Peoples Survey. Jonas told BBC Sport: “People’s perceptions of women’s boxing have changed. The fact that women’s boxing was on the telly, everyone could see it and the skill involved, and the determination of Nicola and the rest of the team – people were looking at it like ‘yeah, I want to do that’.

He said he liked the “raw material” that he and other coaches will be working with in the coming years as they train the boxers for international competition. “These kids have so much talent,” he said. Roque said the teens who participated in the Junior Olympic National Championships in Mobile from Wednesday through Saturday would be the core of the U.S. Olympic team for the 2020 Summer Games, which will be held in either Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo.


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