Anna Crutchfield, Beauty Pageant Teen, Wins National Boxing Championship Title (VIDEO)

The Alamo under siege from boxing promoters and rappers, Texas official says

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says the Alamo should be treated

Garvey was a senior in high school when her mother, a nurse, was out of work for eight months and her father, a cab driver, couldn’t keep up with the bills. They were evicted on New Year’s Eve. Garvey is one of 300 nationwide semifinalists in the prestigious Intel science competition. She spent more than two years researching the effects of the Asian short crab on the mussel population in a salt marsh on Long Island, east of New York City. Zoe Lihn “You’re the reason there’s a little girl with a heart disorder in Phoenix who’ll get the surgery she needs because an insurance company can’t limit her coverage.

Upstate beauty pageant contestant wins national boxing title

Filmmaker Eric Alcazar and executive producers Lou DiBella and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson have created a touching, yet haunting and chilling portrait, largely told by the fighter in his own words. Johnny and Teresa Tapia (AP)Alcazar interviewed Tapia extensively in the final weeks of his life, with the last interview being conducted just a month before Tapia’s death. “The movie haunted me, both positively and negatively,” DiBella said. “Johnny’s life was like a Greek tragedy. He had so many demons.” The film, which debuted last month at the Los Angeles Film Festival, details Tapia’s extraordinary career as a boxer and includes a lot of archival footage. But it is far more than just a sports movie and is really a story of love, loss, perseverance and addiction.

That’s the view of Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who is less than happy with the attention, unwanted in his view, that the historic site is getting. Boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez appeared in Alamo Plaza on Monday night to promote their September 14 super-welterweight title fight in Las Vegas. “This would not happen at Gettysburg. No one would even imagine holding such an event at the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor,” Patterson said. “It should be treated as the hallowed ground that it is.” The promotion comes five weeks after rapper Kanye West’s plan to project a video for his song “New Slaves” on the facade of the Alamo failed to come into focus.

Boxing Stock Watch: Who’s Rising and Who’s Falling This Summer


Anna has been boxing for almost two years. The 16-year-old has won other national championships, but the USA Boxing Junior Olympic National Championship that she topped this past weekend is as good as it gets. “Before the fight, I’d never been that nervous. I felt like I was going to throw up. I was stepping into the ring, and I was shaking so bad,” Anna said about the final round Saturday. She said she could tell she had the win when her opponent was “running” from her punches.

Arizona Boxing News & Notes With Don Smith: Curtis Cokes, Mayweather, Alvarez, Beltran & Iron Boy 8

His performance against Matthysse merely sent him tumbling further. It’s a shame, in a sense, because Peterson truly is a great boxing story. He and his older brother Anthony were homeless as children and were very much saved by the culture of the boxing gym. There is a strong chance Peterson might end up in a rematch with Khan later this year.

Tapia documentary a touching, haunting and chilling portrait of beloved boxing champion

Kristina Hixson, spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Society said an alternative program (support meeting) featuring Singer Sydney Justin (Night of Miracles) and his wife Mari replaced the cancelled Boxing for Breast Cancer event. Ms. Kristina Hixson (BCS) has denied any wrong doing on behalf of the charity. De Vaca donated his purse from his last fight to the charity and Iron Boy Promotions matched the amount. Further investigation into the allegations continue….. Light heavyweight Trevor McCumby (11-0-9 knockouts) will lace them up on Saturday July 13 in Hollywood Park against TBD…..


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