Boxing results: Golovkin the real deal, gets quick knockout win

Floyd Mayweather sees a little of himself in fan at San Antonio press stop

Gonzales is a fighter worth seeing again. The junior middleweight fight between Willie Nelson (21-1-1, 12 KO) and Luciano Cuello (32-3, 16 KO) was a bit of a disappointment, fizzling in the later rounds. Cuello lost a split decision to Nelson, who benefitted from fighting on U.S. soil against the tough Argentinean, who would have won in his home country. Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR, is President/Owner of the Falcon Valley Group in San Diego, California. She is also a serious boxing fan covering the Sweet Science for Communities. Gayle can be reached via Google + Please credit Gayle Falkenthal for Communities Digital News when quoting from or linking to this story.

The summer’s hottest workout: boxing gyms are the newest trend!

Tai Chi Push Hands this Sunday

Boxing is a great choice for those looking to try a new type of physical activity, and it can be even more fun if you sign up with a friend! There are plenty of boxing gyms around the area if you are interested in trying this hot new trend. REACH: Beyond Fitness is a 20,000 square foot gym located at 1709 W Chicago Ave. The gym will be having a Reebok Super Spartan Race event on July 20 and 21 on The Cliffs Off-Road Park at 2725 E 2625th Rd in Marseilles, Illinois. Though it is not a boxing event, the Spartan race is still an incredible workout that is guaranteed fun.

BOXING: SoCal middleweight hot spot

Fights on television Fri. ESPN2, 6 p.m., Billy Dib (35-2) vs. Mike Oliver (25-3). Sat. pay-per-view, 7 p.m., Anderson Silva (33-4) vs.

Day of Peace: Boxing in Camden

Two boxers square off at the Camden Boxing Academy bouts at Eighth and Ramona Gonzalez Streets.

With hundreds gathered at Eighth and Ramona Gonzalez Streets on Saturday for the Camden Boxing Academy’s second annual tournament, the 7-year-old from Pennsauken put on a show, landing jabs and right hooks on his trainer in a practice bout. He walked off to applause, posing for pictures and beaming in the afternoon sun. But something else appeared to be on his mind. Gambino was wearing a shirt that showed a picture of his father; the phrase R.I.P. Dad had been shaved onto the back of his head. That’s because on May 21, Gambino’s father, Gabriel Crespo, 27, was shot and killed near the intersection of 25th Street and River Avenue at 10 p.m. – Camden’s 24th homicide of the year.

“After my five more fights, guess what?” Mayweather asked the crowd. “I think after 49-0, we may stay in this sport a little longer. This Sept. 14, its just another walk in the park.” The nine-day tour concludes today in Los Angeles at LA Live.


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