Remembering Every High and Low Point for the Last 20 Years in Boxing

Boxing: Rhondda-based Najah Ali is aiming high

In June of the previous year, he’d failed in a second world title attempt against Tommy Morrison. And for the entire fight against Moorer, Foreman once again was taking a beating. But this time, he managed to catch up the the younger champion with a punch for the ages in Round 10, stopping Moorer cold and making 45-year-old George Foreman the IBF, WBA and lineal heavyweight champion of the world for the second time in his career. This is the win that cemented Foreman as the biggest superstar in the entire boxing world, aside from Muhammad Ali. This win for Foremancoming within the past 20 yearsmarks the current generation’s link to boxing’s golden age. Low Point: The Bite When Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield met in June of 1997 in a rematch to Holyfield’s Round 11 TKO from November of 1996, it was among the most highly anticipated heavyweight fights of the decade. It was thought by many boxing fans that Tyson had undertrained prior to Holyfield’s upset win the previous fall.


Unfortunately, I did not have the preparation for a fight like this. And after a stop-start career the highlight of which was winning a bout in the Iraqi vest at the Athens Olympics Ali believes the good times could be about to roll despite the fact he celebrated his 33rd birthday in May. With his UK citizenship finally granted, Ali is now in the mix to challenge for British, Commonwealth and, even, European belts. The problem Ive had is that Ive been blocked as far as titles are concerned, said Ali, who has a win on his record against former Commonwealth super-flyweight champion Don Broadhurst. You can only go to a certain level because people wont fight you if theres no titles at the end of the line.

Boxing – Satchell and Hamilton retain British titles – undercard report

And that’s just what he did against Ricky Hatton in 2007. The rugged Brit entered the ring having won all 43 of his fights, and had a pressure style some observers felt would give Mayweather trouble. They were wrong. By the 10th round, an outclassed-but-still-determined Hatton continued coming forward in an attempt to change the fight. With just under two minutes remaining in the round, Hatton lunged in with Mayweather along the ropes, and caught a counter left hand that sent him to the mat. The Manchester tough-guy rose from the canvas on unsteady legs, but the fight was over.

The Best Knockout of Each Boxing Superstar’s Career

After all, the topic was boxing, that much-maligned throwback sport whose best days were in the rearview mirror of the Camaro. A niche sport, they sniffed, relevant once or twice a year — and probably for not that much longer, once Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao packed it in. I confess, I had doubts myself, whether the NYC region would sustain the demand for regular dates at the Barclays Center. At the time, I recall asking Brett Yormark, the CEO of Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets , if the arena would have a micro-arena built, a theater to accommodate 5,000 or so fans, max. The implication of my question was clear: I don’t think you can find enough boxing fans to fill up the barn on a regular basis.

Boxing at Barclays has quieted critics

Anwar got off to a good start, quickly getting the jab working and launching straight right hands to keep Hamilton on the back foot. Darren struggled to time his own jab, falling short during the early action. Anwar was comfortable moving in and out, throwing his shots whilst retreating as Hamilton pressed. A solid lead left hook from Anwar scored at the bell to end the third round, most of his efforts greeted by roars of appreciation from his fans – apparently Anwar had done significant numbers in ticket sales, his supporters creating a good atmosphere in the arena. Referee Victor Loughlin issued a warning to the champion for hitting behind the head in the fourth, with Anwar still on the move pot-shotting. In the sixth, a solid Hamilton straight right caught Anwar flush in the face, and a follow up left hook also landed hard.


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