Floyd Mayweather Will Be Soon Be Pressured to Fight Adrien Broner

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez live update: Money taunts Alvarez

little brotheras they currently refer to themselves . The possibilities seem endless in regards to pre-fight hype. Mayweather recently signed a lucrative 30-month deal with Showtime/CBS that couldand shouldend his Hall of Fame career. It seems that timetable will allow Broner an opportunity to gain enough momentum for the hype to reach a high level. For the record, barring some significant fall-off, Mayweather would likely win a clear unanimous decision over Broner. There are holes in Broner’s game that recent opponents, like Paulie Malignaggi, couldn’t exploit that Mayweather most certainly would.


canelo has fought fried chicken vendors, taco boys and out of primes. the only real top dogs in their time each has faced are for mayweather, judah and corrales. for canelo, trout. mayweather had a hard time with judah and fell once. canelo struggled and closely won to trout.

Mayweather v Canelo: Al Bernstein talks mind games, records and strategy

Mayweather v Canelo: Al Bernstein talks mind games, records and strategy

Video description: Chris Robinson catches up with outspoken trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club, as he watches his son’s face off with Saul Alvarez that took place in Los Angeles and speaks further on the fight. Insisits there is no fear from his team and more. http://www.HustleShop.com – Please hit up the link to access the custom Roger Mayweather T-Shirt, available online now VISIT http://www.HustleBoss.com FOR MORE EXCLUSIVES such as this one here at Doghouse Boxing. To watch this interview with Floyd Sr., just press play on the video embedded to the left and Get The Real Bite here on Doghouse Boxing and enjoy!

Floyd Mayweather “Fears” Saul Alvarez? Floyd Sr. insists that is not the case

“Canelo should be able to make 152 without too much problem, but it now is something he has to do after Floyd’s decision. So, he has to gear his training to it, and mentally he is aware of it. “He has been forced to change something from his normal pre-fight comfort zone and If there ends up being a benefit, it can only be helpful to Floyd.” Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer seemed determined to get the fight made despite calls by Mayweather for Alvarez to come down to welterweight and now that the fight is on, talk has switch more to the Mexican superstar’s chances of an upset. Mayweather at 36 seems to still be in his prime as he proved once again by totally outclassing a seasoned champion in Robert Guerrero last May, with Bernstein convinced that Alvarez will test Showtime’s new big money signing despite the lack of depth on his record. “Yes, Canelo does not have a big track record against top fighters,” pointed out Bernstein. “His win over Trout was a good one – though very close.

Mayweather and Pacquiao Against the Greats: Part One

010 Mayweather starting chant

Hehehe! Holla! Carmine Cas says: Aaron Pyror and Pacquiao would be a great fight, I think Floyd pot shots Pyror coming in, he has the hand and foot speed to do it. Arguello was having success with Pyror in their first fight. brownsugar says: Besides, B-Sug, floyd mayweather jr v canelo alvarez tickets don’t forget that “Hawk Time” Pryor would have had water — the one dat Panama Lewis “mixed.” Panama is a great mixer of legit water. The greatest of all times.


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