Golden opportunity for Floyd as WBC launch sparkling 24-carat belt for Alvarez war

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao: Surprisingly, Not Dead Yet

Plan: The WBC released this picture of the proposed belt for Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Saul Alvarez Tickets for the event itself sold out well inside 24 hours, breaking the all-time box office record for a live gate in Las Vegas of almost $19 million. They are now fetching in excess of $40,000 a pair online. Mayweather was last in action in May when he outpointed Robert Guerrero to retain his other title, the WBC welterweight crown. Just weeks earlier, Alvarez recorded his finest victory to date with a decision win over previously unbeaten Austin Trout.

mayweather vs canelo tickets

With all comers defeated, Floyd Mayweather writes own history

For better or worse, this is Mayweather, and the circus isn’t leaving town anytime soon. The decision to fight Alvarez was purely financial — if he really wanted to fight him, he would have put him on his last undercard, a common practice in building future fights — but Mayweather gets credit for taking the biggest challenge, too. The fall of Pacquiao coupled with a dearth of seasoned opponents between 140 and 154 pounds has left the field wide open, and Alvarez stands as the biggest threat in it. He’s fast and powerful, young and hungry, and history suggests that when Mayweather fights above 147 pounds, as he did against De La Hoya in 2007 and Cotto in ’12, he is prone to take more punishment.

Floyd Mayweather To Begin Training Camp For Canelo

Guys that are kind of stocky. Just bring pressure, even though Canelo is going to bring pressure. Because, one thing about Floyd, if you come in there with pressure hes going to see something that he aint never seen before. Like I said, we look for Canelo to come and do what he can do but what he can do aint enough, Floyd Joy added. Mayweather was relaxed and in complete control during his bout with Guerrero and Floyd Sr.

Super Hot Maxim Model Loving Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Boxing Style

Honestly, over the last three years or so, there really wasn’t much of an incentive for them to swallow any pride and come together. With Pacquiao fighting in-house opposition for a rabid and loyal fan base and making a fortune for Arum and Top Rank, there was no point in risking career derailment against Mayweather. And for Mayweather, who was becoming the highest paid athlete in the world with the help of Golden Boy’s matchmaking, there was never any need to deal with hated former promoter, Arum or negotiate with anyone on even terms. But now things have changed a bit— and this is where some positivity can maybe, possibly creep in. Both guys are running out of opponents and out of viable options for generating the kind of money they are accustomed to making.

Head to head: Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez square off during a press conference

O’Connor, who graced the cover of Maxim and other men’s magazine, attended a party hosted by former baseball player Jose Canseco last week in Los Angeles . During the event, the model hooked it up with ESNews reporter Elie Seckback to answer a few questions about boxing. And by everybody’s surprise, O’Connor knows her boxing. Seckbach asked O’Connor which boxer is she rooting for in the upcoming showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Saul Canelo Alvarez.


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