Sports promoter Roy Englebrecht takes the fights to the people

“I’m sitting there at 6 o’clock and there were 2,500 people in this rodeo arena watching this. . . . I’m the only guy with an umbrella, the oldest guy there.

Boxing Her Way to Equality and Justice

Cook a five-time Welsh amateur champion who also won British honours might have had a shot at Olympic glory in Rio in 2016. But he gave it all up to turn pro on his 18th birthday in March and he is adamant that its a decision which will pay off in the long run. I had about 50 amateur fights and won 45 of them, said Cook, who represented Gwynfi ABC and was in the GB development set-up with the likes of Sam Maxwell, Joe Cordina and Sean McGoldrick. People talked about the Rio Olympics, but my ambition was always to turn pro at 18 and work my way up slowly. I dont just want to slot in somewhere, Ive got high expectations of myself. And when the time, came Cook no relation to former European lightweight champion namesake Jason despite hailing from the same part of the world took up the opportunity of joining Team Cleverly. I obviously impressed down the gym sparring because Nathan was happy to become my manager, said Cook.

The Boxing Business Gets It Right, for a Change

Emma was ambitious and determined and within a few years left Virginia and headed to Washington, D.C., where she met her future husband Clarence Maitland who was completing his studies at Howard University. He graduated with his medical degree. Clarence and Emma married and she became pregnant with a baby girl. Within a year of their marriage Clarence Maitland died of tuberculosis leaving his young wife with a baby in her arms and canelo alvarez vs floyd mayweather jr tickets no clear plan for the future. Reflecting on her life, Emmas observed, I was a fiancAe, a wife, a mother and a widow all in one year. Alone in the world with a child to care for, Emma decided to seek her fortune as a dancer and an actress.

Boxing: Starlet Aled Cook learning the trade from champion Nathan Cleverly

If Alvarez wins, well, we all know what the third fight of Mayweathers contract will be. But if Floyd prevails and does so comfortably, hell need to find four more opponents after dispatching the one some consider his greatest threat at 154 pounds or below. Should either Matthysse or Garcia impressively erase the other minutes before Mayweather and Alvarez get into the ring, wouldnt that go a long way in driving public interest in Mayweather vs. that winner? An undercard fight like Matthysse vs.


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