Chisora vs. Scott: Should Boxing Consider Video Replay After Controversial KO?

Ranking the Most Impressive Stretches of Dominance in Boxing

Neither the slimmed-down Englishman nor the light-hitting American had done anything of value through five full rounds, and short of arriving to the ring with mask and gun, neither was likely to spike Wladimir Klitschkos blood pressure anytime soon. The sixth round, however, was surely one for nostalgia. When Chisora crowded his man along the ropes late in the session and delivered an overhand right that clubbed Scott above the left ear, it appeared as if the woozy King would take a count from referee Phil Edwards, stand at a timely moment and enter the final four rounds with a slight scorecard deficit. And, in reality, it looked as if he did just thatrising from one knee precisely when Edwards hit nine.


Fighting at welterweight, junior floyd mayweather jr vs canelo alvarez tickets middleweight and middleweight, these men made the 1980s the last golden era of boxing. But before Duran ever jumped to 147 in the 1980s, he had spent the 1970s establishing himself as arguably the greatest lightweight of all time. In 1972, he beat Ken Buchanan, perhaps the United Kingdom’s best boxer ever, to capture the WBA 135-pound belt. Duran lost a decision in a non-title fight to the brilliant Esteban De Jesus later that year, but he avenged it twice by stoppage and generally wreaked havoc on the division for most of the rest of the decade.

Another colorful boxing incongruity

Togos team had move aside the padding from the front part of the glove to attain more punching force. The knuckles were protected by just hand wraps and skin, said Soberanes. The gloves of both fighters were then seized and taken to the WBCs headquarters in Mexico City for examination before the sanctioning body makes an official decision as to possible punishment. Juarez won the rematch with a 10 round unanimous decision and claimed the WBC International belt. Juarez was surprised by the seizure of the gloves and the discovery.I didnt expect that.

Cheating Scandal In Women’s Boxing, Riyo Togo Has Padding Removed From Gloves

Tha Boxing Voice

“I would never let a white boy beat me,” bellowed Bernard Hopkins when he encountered future opponent Joe Calzaghe in the media room the weekend of the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Ricky Hatton fight. There were perfunctory expressions of dismay at Hopkins’ distasteful outburst, but by and large, fans and boxing people laughed and moved on, hungry for the next outrage of some sort or another. After all, what’s boxing without a never-ending series of politically incorrect events? In a delicious twist of fate, these days black fighters are frequently the perpetrators of the sort of ugly treatment they once endured. For example, before their mooted bout died a slow, agonizing death, Mayweather unleashed a spiteful barrage of racial and homophobic slurs at Manny Pacquiao. [+] Enlarge Scott Heavey/Getty Images Bernard Hopkins’ blatantly racist remark directed at Joe Calzaghe barely elicited a reaction within the bubble of the boxing world.


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